Qualcomm Quatro SOCs

Print and scan devices require specialized SOCs that combine always-aware standby operation, document content recognition, and a high level of integration. QBit is pleased to partner with Qualcomm® to offer the widely-adopted Quatro® line of SOCs.

Designed by the same team that is now QBit, the Quatro line of SOCs provide state-of-the-art integration for printers and scanners:

  • Industry-standard ARM CPU core
  • Integrated USB and Ethernet connectivity
  • Hardware image processing for scan and copy functions
  • DSP for custom image processing algorithms
  • Direct scanner and printer mechanism control with integrated ARM Cortex-M3 microcontrollers
  • Analog integration, including clock generators, PHYs, DAC, ADC, and LVDS

Want even more? QBit recently developed the next-generation SOC, called the QBit 63xx series, this is faster, achieves lower cost, and uses less power.

Generation SOC Series CPU Core Packages Status
Current Qualcomm Quatro 53xx ARM11 14x14mm aQFN
23x23mm BGA
Qualcomm Quatro 55xx Dual Cortex-A15
+ Cortex-A7
27x27mm BGA Production
Next QBit 63xx Dual Cortex-A7 14x14mm FBGA
19x19mm FBGA


Quatro 53xx


Quatro 55xx

Quatro SOCs: Sales, Support & Distribution

Technical Support: As Qualcomm’s partner, QBit provides technical support to customers worldwide using the Quatro SOCs.

Sales and Distribution: QBit also serves as Qualcomm’s reseller for Quatro SOCs in China and Taiwan.

Additional Information

For additional information about SOCs for printers and scanners, please contact us.