QBit QB6 SOC Family

Consumers want printers and scanners that are easy to use, conserve power, deliver outstanding image quality, and are affordable. The QBit team has long experience in developing SOCs that achieve the next level of value by continually advancing our three core technologies: always-aware standby operation, content recognition with classification-based processing, and advanced mixed-signal integration for ultra low-cost system design.

QBit has developed the QBit QB6 Family SOC series for the next generation of printers and scanners. The QB6 Family is designed specifically for laser/LED single-function and multi-function printers, inkjet single-function and multi-function printers, dye-sub printers, thermal printers, label printers, POS receipt printers, 3D printers, document scanners, and check scanners.

Generation SOC Series CPU Core Packages Status
Previous Qualcomm Quatro 53xx ARM11 14x14mm aQFN
23x23mm BGA
Qualcomm Quatro 55xx Dual Cortex-A15
+ Cortex-A7
27x27mm BGA Production
New QBit QB63xx Dual Cortex-A7 14x14mm FBGA
19x19mm FBGA
QBit QB66xx Quad Cortex-A53 23x23mm HSBGA Production

The QB6 Family takes value to the next level:

  • 28nm silicon process for lower power and increased performance, without giving up 3.3V IO
  • Improved low-power standby operation with the ability to turn off parts of the chip at the block and sub-block level
  • Enhanced image segmentation for outstanding image quality
  • Boot security and run-time security
  • Flexible pin function overlay
  • Programmable printer and scanner interfaces to directly control virtually any printer (laser, LED, inkjet, thermal) or scanner (CIS, multi-segment CIS, CCD) mechanism
  • Based on the same architecture as the Quatro 53xx and 55xx, for straightforward firmware migration


QB66xx Block Diagram


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Product Brief

QB63xx SOC Series Product Brief

QB66xx SOC Series Product Brief



Datasheet QB63xx QB66xx Datasheet 1.0

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