QBit 63xx achieves 65mW in low power mode!

QBit announced today that the QB63xx SOC series consumes only 65mW in low power mode to help customers meet the Energy Star 3.0 and China Energy Label (CEL) standards.

Energy Star 3.0, which went into effect in October 2019, reduces the allowable energy consumption by 35% to 75%, depending on the printer’s rated speed. CEL is expected to also move to a new revision in the near future, with CEL Level 2 matching Energy Star 3.0 and CEL Level 1 requiring even lower energy consumption. Much of a printer’s energy consumption is accounted for while the printer is in sleep mode, waiting for the next print job. QB63xx’s low power mode enables customers to meet Energy Star 3.0 and CEL without having to resort to utilizing more costly power supply components and printer engine components.