Simon Shen
Chairman & CEO

Simon Shen - Chairman & CEO  - QBit

Simon is Chairman & CEO for QBit. Simon has more than 12 years’ CEO experience, leading a technology group with more than US$5.5B revenue and global operations. Within 12 years Simon increased group revenue by 4X (from US1.5B to US$6B); established 21 overseas factories in 7 countries; successfully lead 5 M&As in Singapore, US, Brazil and Korea and Taiwan; and established 5 new technology companies.


Whittier Law School, JD, California licensed Attorney since 2001
University of Southern California, MBA, 1997

Jesica Pan

Jesica Pan - CMO  - QBit

Jesica is CMO for QBit. Jesica has over 20 years’ experience in technology industry for managing EMS/JDM/ODM business. Jesica has successfully led multiple function teams including sales/project management/supply chain/R&D and factory operation to create the yearly revenue growth from US$100M to US$3B within 10 years. Jesica’s experience in technology industry can help target companies become more efficient and profitable.


NYU Master Degree
(Polytechnic Institute)

Neil Epstein
General Manager

Neil Epstein - General Manager - QBit

Neil Epstein is General Manager for QBit and is responsible for driving the overall vision, strategic direction and operational execution for the company. Neil brings three decades of experience in embedded controller technology to QBit. Prior to joining QBit, he managed the document imaging business at Qualcomm, where he brought a series of eight system-on-a-chip ICs to market. Neil has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University, a master's degree in computer engineering from Boston University and an MBA from Babson College.

Mark Busa
Director of SOC Engineering

Mark Busa - Director of SOC Engineering - QBit

Mark Busa is Director of SOC Engineering for QBit and is responsible for development of QBit’s SOCs. Mark brings 25 years of experience to QBit in developing highly integrated and complex SOCs. Prior to joining QBit, he worked at Qualcomm where he led the development of eight generations of imaging SOCs for the printer/copier market. Mark has a bachelor’s degree from Tufts University and a master’s degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, both in electrical engineering.

Jerry Chen
Director of Customer Engineering

Jerry Chen - Director of Customer Engineering - QBit

Jerry Chen is Director of Customer Engineering for QBit and is responsible for managing the technical support team. Jerry has 20 years of PC driver/firmware/hardware experience. He also served as FAE manager for 10+ years at Oak/Zoran/CSR/Qualcomm to support printer customers around the world. Jerry majored in electrical engineering in university, and earned his International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) degree from NCCU College of Commerce, an AACSB/EQUIS certified college.