News & Announcements


QBit welcomes new investor AB Value Capital Partners and welcomes back Simon Shen as Chairman and CEO

QBit is very pleased to announce that AB Value Capital Partners (ABV) has acquired 81% of QBit shares and Simon Shen has returned to QBit as Chairman and CEO.


QBit pushes printer performance and power savings further with the QB66xx SOC

QBit has expanded the QB6 family with its new QB66xx SOC series, for multi-function printers, which went to mass production (MP) in June 2023.


QBit's Announcement of Sister Company Featured in The MFP Report

The September 2022 issue of The MFP Report included an article on QBit.


QBit introduces SynQ Technology Ltd.

QBit is pleased to announce the formation of SynQ Technology Ltd., our sister company in China.


QBit's First SOC Featured in The MFP Report

The June 2021 issue of The MFP Report included an article on QBit.


QBit joins MIPI Alliance

QBit Semiconductor announced today that it has become a member of the MIPI Alliance.


QBit receives further investment

QBit Semiconductor announced today it has received a further investment of US$ 4.5 million from New Kinpo Group (NKG).


QBit 63xx achieves 65mW in low power mode!

QBit announced today that the QB63xx SOC series consumes only 65mW in low power mode to help customers meet the Energy Star 3.0 and China Energy Label (CEL) standards.


QBit 63xx has entered mass production!

QBit announced today that its 63xx SOC series is now in mass production. Information on pricing, lead time, and minimum order quantity is available from QBit’s distribution partners.


QBit 63xx production version has taped out!

QBit announced today that it has taped out the production version of the 63xx SOC series.