QBit pushes printer performance and power savings further with the QB66xx SOC

QB66xx SOCQBit has expanded the QB6 family with its new QB66xx SOC series for multi-function printers, which went to mass production (MP) in June 2023. This new offering builds on the success of the QB63xx, MP in March 2020, providing a performance upgrade while maintaining power efficiency.

Performance, cost and image quality are always key factors that printer users care about. Supporting higher performance printing and scanning than QB63xx, QB66xx contains four Arm Cortex-A53 CPU cores, larger cache, and larger on-chip SRAM. Digital compensation logic in the QB66xx printer and scanner interfaces allow lower cost components to be used in the printer and scanner engines. And, enhanced image processing hardware cores deliver outstanding image quality.

In recent years, power saving has also become the focus of attention. Inherited from the good power management architecture of QB63xx, QB66xx achieves remarkably low power consumption of 75mW in low-power mode, helping printers easily to meet the current Energy Star 3.0 standard or stricter requirements in the future.

QB66xx can be implemented in different productsBeyond printers, QB66xx with features of image processing, motor control, and LCD display can also be implemented in different products, such as medical equipment, robotic arm, POS client, kiosk, and drones.



Key features of the QBit QB66xx include:

  • Same architecture and firmware code base as QB63xx
  • 28nm silicon process for high performance and low power consumption
  • Arm Cortex-A53 CPU cores for running multiple applications concurrently
  • Enhanced image processing hardware cores for outstanding image quality
  • Same low-power standby operation as QB63xx to achieve remarkable power consumption
  • Secure boot
  • Rich interfaces including PCIe, USB, SDIO, SPI and I2C

Printers powered by the QB66xx are expected to be released in 2023.Q4.

QBit was formed in 2016 by a team of former Qualcomm engineers who developed the widely adopted Quatro family of SOCs for printers, multi-function printers and scanners. QBit specializes in SOCs that contain more imaging-specific integration compared to generic SOCs. QBit is based in Taipei and has a design center in Boston, Massachusetts.

To learn more about QBit's SOCs, please visit: https://qbitsemi.com/en/products

To contact QBit, please email: info@qbitsemi.com