The cloud is becoming ever more sophisticated with deep learning to process the world around us – images, documents, sounds, speech, gestures, faces and expressions. But the cloud cannot see or hear, it can only process what is sent to it. To take advantage of the cloud and its sophisticated processing, smart edge devices are needed – devices that can take in images and sounds, grasp the context, and determine when to engage the powerful processing in the cloud. That is where QBit technology comes in.

QBit Core TechnologiesMission

QBit designs system-on-chip (SOC) integrated circuits for smart imaging devices and other smart edge devices.

The QBit team has long experience in developing SOCs that bring together our three core technologies:

  • Always-aware standby operation
  • Content recognition
  • Advanced mixed-signal integration for ultra low-cost system design

QBit’s first SOCs, now in production, are designed for the next generation of printing and imaging devices including office printers, personal printers, multi-function printers, 3D printers, and scanners. Called the QBit 63xx series, these SOCs are based on imaging core technology licensed from Qualcomm (the same technology our team developed for the Qualcomm Quatro line of SOCs for printing and imaging devices). The QBit 63xx series also incorporates new advancements in always-aware standby operation, document content recognition, and mixed-signal integration to enable our customers to bring out new products with greater context awareness, lower power consumption, better image quality, and lower cost.


QBit was formed in 2016 by a team of former Qualcomm imaging engineers. QBit’s origins actually date back to the 1990s, to a Boston-area start-up called Pixel Magic, which underwent a series of acquisitions into Oak Technology, then Zoran, CSR and finally Qualcomm. The QBit team is energized to now bring our expertise to market as an independent company.

QBit’s engineering team is in Taipei, Taiwan and Boston, Massachusetts.


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